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A Few of My Favorite Things: The New House Call App 



I'm not going to lie. Life has been challenging of late. The full-time working single mom thing is a delicate balance of schedules and sanity. One little thing can disrupt the entire balance... throw in a bunch of things like Halloween/Birthdays/School Breaks/Thanksgiving/Christmas and you are in full on "trying to not drop too many balls" mode. 

That has been me over the past few weeks. Trying not to drop the important things. 

Being a single mom means that sometimes things don't get done. Light bulbs that require a ladder to change often stay out longer than they should. Dishes don't get done right after dinner... and sometimes not until after dinner the next night. While I was proud of myself for getting out all the boxes of Holiday decorations, there was one thing I just wasn't sure how I was going to do - get a tree. 

I'm a sucker for a real tree. And despite the allure of it being pre-lit and no mess, I've yet to go the route of the fake one. We always got a real tree, and to me, a fake one wasn't going to cut it. Since we're not going to even be here on Christmas, I planted the seed with the kids that maybe a tree wasn't going to happen this year. 

Then I got a pitch from a local PR agency for a new locally-based app called House Call. An app that makes it easy to schedule things around your house - from mobile car detailing, maid service, computer-tech support to Christmas tree delivery. 

Yes. They will go to the lot, pick out a tree based on what you want, deliver it and bring it into your house. While I will admit that at first I was a little sad about not going to the lot and picking out a tree, I looked at my calendar and custody schedule and realized that if I wanted to do that, I should have done it 2 weeks ago. Done and Done. Yesterday I scheduled my tree delivery and today the tree was delivered... by Buddy the Elf. 

I had just gotten home from work, the nanny just left, and there was a knock at the door. I told the kids it was probably the tree... I expected, well, a tree delivery man... but when Lucas and Zoe opened the door and started laughing, smiling and screaming I was a little surprised. 

In walks Roland, one of the co-founders of the app in all his 6ft something glory rocking a full on Buddy the Elf costume. It was... well... just fabulous. I seriously teared up at how amazing it was that there are still people out there with such passion and drive that they would take launching their business and making a kid's Christmas, that much to heart. 


The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever.. hey, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I know I'm not alone out there, there are millions of single moms trying to do all they can for their kids. I also know that my kids are not alone, there are many kids out there going through thier first holidays with altered family environments. But things like this make the whole process just a little easier on all of us. It was like our very own dose of Christmas magic. 

While I'm not sure you will always get Buddy the Elf delivering your tree, the service alone is a god-send for any busy person. And the special attention to detail put into my experience shows me just how much this new company cares about what they are doing. 

Thank you to the House Call Christmas elves! I will be using your service for years to come!

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For more information on the HouseCall app, visit and/or check out this video:


DISCLOSURE: HouseCall provided me with a $100 credit to try their service. Opinions and mad gushing over this amazing service are my own. 


Adorable App Alert! Alexandra Rain SME: Friends to the Rescue

This is Zoe, age 5. 

She likes cake pops, Boo the Dog, Barbie, Disney "Tween"Comedies, knee socks, Top 40 Pop songs, sparkly shoes and dressing up. When you ask her to get dressed in the morning she actually sings while pulling clothes out of her closet, spinning around and looking at herself in the mirror. 

She has a style all her own, one that I allow her to own (to a point) and encourage her to WERK IT. 

She can also use an iPod/iPad like it's nobodies business. 

Ladies and Gentleman, THIS is what the graduating classes of the 2020s look like. 

That's why I was SO excited to be introduced to the app Alexandra Rain SME: Friends to the Rescue

Alexandra Rain teaches girls to be who they are! The Alexandra Rain App is the first in a series of digital books demonstrating the importance of character, strength, courage and love. She is a typical little girl who enjoys playing dress-up and has a fun fashion style. Most importantly, she focuses on her inner beauty and is always kind to others. 

This adorable interactive book is perfect for the modern girls of today. It blends important life lessons with music and fashion. And the follow along "karakoe narration" helps young readers with word recognition, while the interactive pages keep little fingers busy. Zoe loved getting "Alex" dressed for the story, and of course, singing along to Alex's new song. But the best part? Alex thinks her mom "totally rocks."  

I personally think this is an adorable app for the little fashionistas in your life. Additionally, it's now officially "Zoe Approved."

And to celebrate the launch of the app, I am helping to give away 1 of 10 purple sparkly Daisy Rock Guitars! Download the app today and enter to win one of these adorable guitars. 

Use the entry form below for your chance to win!


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And if you are on Twitter, join the #AlexandraRain Twitter Party fun on Wednesday, November 14th at 10:00am for your chance at over $1000 in prizes. 


For more information on the Alexandra Rain app and story please visit:

*disclosure: This is a sponsored post and I was given the app in addition to being compensated. All thoughts are my own.