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I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me via the form on the "email me" me or directly at Beth {at}

If you're a PR/Marketing Type and are interested in contacting me for the purpose of product reviews, please read the following:

  • I do not charge for product reviews; I respect the practice of public relations and understand the difference between PR and advertising.
  • I LOVE THINGS. I'm a product whore as evidenced by my stash of body lotions and shampoos threatening to take over my bathroom drawers. If you have a product you think I would like, I would love to talk to you about a review.
  • Sometimes I love things and I gush. When I love something, I will always talk about. I will also always mention if I purchased/found it on my own or if it was sent to me free for review. Also, sometimes I don't love things and I can't guarantee positive or favorable reviews if your product doesn't float my boat.
  • Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that I will always write a review a product that is submitted. Sorry, life happens.  Also, I do not review products without receiving the actual product. 

Summing it Up:

Invite me places. Knock my socks off. Show me what you got. I'm honest, trustworthy and if I love you, you will know it. I love learning about new products and trying new things. I talk. A lot. Here, Facebook, Twitter - you can't shut me up sometimes. Since I have a background in PR, I know the game and if you have a great product/brand/event, I will do what I can to show you the love.


Paid Opportunities

Because I have really freaking expensive taste, I would love to make some extra bucks. While I will not take money reviews, I am open to other mutually beneficial paid opportunities. Email me and let's chat!